Wisdomshow WDS-650

From today, our customers can take advantage of another advanced model of the BGA WISDOMSHOW WDS-650 soldering station.


The distinguishing features of the WDS-650 model are:
1. Precise, efficient and ultra-fast IR quartz infrared heaters (their efficiency is higher than hot air heaters, invaluable in the case of multi-layer boards, e.g. industrial computers on a large scale of integration),
These radiators are characterised by:

  • the emission of infrared IR waves
  • small dimensions and, at the same time, high efficiency and precision in direct heating,
  • they heat the surface on which they fall (not air) directly,
  • their effect is felt immediately after switching on (as can be seen in the attached photo of the heating profile)
  • heating the surface of PCB/PBA twice as fast as ceramic infrared heaters (maximum temperature for these heaters is 2600°C)

2. Three external temperature sensors with a measurement accuracy of +/- 1C
3. A total of 6 temperature sensors.
4. Automatically extendible and retractable optical positioning system of Split Vision 1080p.”