About us

A few words about reball

The company was founded in 2011.

The name refers to the process of reballing BGA chips, i.e. the process of replacing solder (balls) under BGA processors.


In 2006, the European Union issued a directive prohibiting the use of lead in the production of electronic equipment by consumer electronics manufacturers. This forced manufacturers to use a tin binder with a small admixture of silver and copper, i.e. a lead-free binder. Due to the fact that lead-free binder is harder, less flexible and more susceptible to oxidation, it led to quite frequent damage of the balls under BGA processors and consequently to the failure of game consoles and computer equipment, among others.


To meet market demand, we started selling accessories, equipment and BGA soldering stations to carry out the process of replacing the balls under the processors – for the BGA reballing process.

However, this is not the only type of failure that has been occurring and continues to occur in electronic equipment. People often visit service centres with broken phone screens or flooded phones.


Therefore, our company provides comprehensive service solutions and supplies equipment, accessories and chemicals for professional workshops, factories, government institutions, educational and scientific units.

We are constantly expanding our product range with new products that arrive on the global maintenance services market.

Very often, as the first company in Poland, we offer the latest solutions implemented in service industries.


Not wanting to be left behind, we constantly monitor new products that are offered by the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic components.

We attend trade fairs for service equipment and consumer electronics, which are held around the world.


Thanks to many years of cooperation with the largest manufacturers in this industry, we can offer our customers the highest quality products at very affordable prices.


Our team currently consists of a dozen people who handle your orders and prepare hundreds of packages every day.


We have already supplied products and services to as many as 30000 individual clients and companies in Poland and Europe.