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The company's history

The company was founded in 2011. The name refers to the process of reballing BGA chips, i.e. the process of replacing solder (balls) under BGA chips. In 2006, the European Union issued a directive prohibiting the use of lead in the production of electronic equipment by electronics manufacturers. This forced manufacturers to use a tin binder with a small admixture of silver and copper, i.e. a lead-free binder.

Where You can find us

Currently, our entire product range is available on the Allegro sales platform. Our seller name is reball_pl.
However, our online shop serwisowe.pl offers our products without the Allegro commission.
Make sure to also check our range of BGA soldering stations.

What's new with us?

We have established cooperation with SeaMark Zuomao, a company that produces BGA soldering stations, X-RAY devices for electronics inspection and tools to support production processes.
Barter cooperation offer.

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